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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Health care construction firm launched - South Florida Business Journal:

South Florida Business Journal

Miller Construction Co. and Moss & Associates have partnered to launch Moss Miller Healthcare, a new statewide health care construction company.
The new venture will meld health care construction teams of the two Fort Lauderdale companies into a single entity to oversee a combined $2.5 billion in medical facility construction projects.
Beyond that the Moss and Miller operations will remain independent.
The partnership is aimed at capturing emerging demand.

“The economy has kept the lid on Florida health care work, but with construction costs lower than they’ve been since the 1980s, we’re beginning to see requests for significant hospital projects,” Joe Harris, executive vice president of the new venture said in a press release. “As hospitals’ financial investments recover, we expect the flow of projects will accelerate.”

Miller Construction has built 55 hospital and other health care facilities and has experience in meeting state Agency for Health Care Administration requirements. The company most recently completed a multi-phase renovation for Cleveland Clinic Florida and has worked on dozens of complex projects for Holy Cross Hospital.

Moss & Associates recently completed two clinical facilities for Leon Medical centers, as
well as the $72 million University of Miami biomedical research building.

“Blending our expert health care teams gives us a strong, cost-effective platform for growth,” Wayne Hannaka, vice president of the new entity, said in a news release. “Our operational systems are already in place through several joint ventures, and our people have a shared commitment to exceptional service and craftsmanship.”

Moss and Miller have already joint ventured on projects including Nova Southeastern University’s University Center, Performing Arts Center and The Commons dormitory.


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