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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to save your marriage with this very special free Revit family

Attention to detail.  One of the critical things of designing is attention to detail.  What's more important in your own house than whether the toilet paper roll folds over over under.

Take a look at the photo below.  Besides seeing my adorable son JR, who's part of my happy family, take a look at the toilet paper holders.  Yes, I've created a Revit family of toilet paper that folds over and under.  Now you can have your roll preference in your projects.  With this attention to detail, you're sure to make your clients happy and your spouse.

The Toilet Paper family has two types, clockwise and counter clockwise.  With a simple click you can choose the direction of the roll.  Another great thing you can do is to copy the roll itself and you can place it on any Revit family toilet paper dispenser you may already have. 

In the Revit file I have available for download, there's a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the toilet.  You can grab that and paste it into any other toilet paper dispenser.

If you haven't gotten seen the Breadcrumb Video,  let me brief you on what it does.  While you're working in Revit, you can place a 3D Tag and create a schedule of items to move, change, add or edit.  You can make notes right on a plan, section or elevation for yourself, a coworker or a consultant with who you share the Revit model.

The other use for the Breadcrumb family is that you can put one in each room or view you're working in.  That way, you can go to the list and be able to quickly jump to the different pages you're working on.  I've already gotten some great feedback from Revit users on this and I'm still shocked that no one ever came up with this idea before.  Well, maybe they did, but they certainly didn't share it with the world. 

If you'd like to get the family, just send me an email: revit3d@gmail.com?Subject=Please send me the family and I'll send you the link.


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