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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I hope you're content now. Andekan.com sale on Revit Family Packs

I hate to take the credit for this, but I'm always looking out for you.  I asked Andekan to put their Starter Packs on sale because of the impending release of Revit MEP 2011.

Do the math.  If it takes an hour to do a family and your billable rate is $100, every family you make costs you $100.  So, for the value of 5 of your own families, you can own between 150 and 924 or 15 to 67 depending on if you look at it by family or models.  That works out to as little as $7.46 or .54 cents depending on how you do the math.

Andekan's quality of content is not only incredible, but their file sizes are smaller, especially if you're new at making content.  Here's how you can test this.  Take a Revit family you've made and submit it to Autodesk Seek.  That's how you know if your content is Andekan worthy.

Andekan Revit Starter Packs

Fully-Parametric and Optimized for Revit

Now Only $500 Each!

US Plumbing - 67 families, 702 models - Learn More >
UK Mechanical - 67 families, 150 models - Learn More >
Victaulic Piping (Imperial) - 21 families, 924 models - Learn More >
Victaulic Piping (Metric) - 21 families, 924 models - Learn More >
Charlotte Pipe Plastic Fittings - 15 families, 177 models - Learn More >
Charlotte Pipie Cast Iron Fittings - 19 families, 285 models - Learn More >
UK Yorkshire Copper Fittings - 18 families, 198 models - Learn More >
IKEA Architectural - 59 families, 237 models - Learn More >
All packs include our human Revit family, Andy.

Fully Parametric
Speed up your work and improve the quality of your projects. Family types automatically adjust dimensions, descriptions, materials, colors, etc.

Optimized for Revit
Tested by professional architects and senior engineers, these families get the most out of Revit without compromising application performance. All packs come with a project file containing all the families, mechanical settings, and any required system families, allowing for easy import via Revit's "Transfer Project Standards" feature.

 I'm an Andekan reseller, so if you're interested, I'll get you a little additional discount.


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