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Thursday, April 8, 2010

IES » » LEED AP: Continuing Education

For all you LEED APs out there who haven't signed up for CMP and Specialty, here's a little info for you.


I’ve been considering opting into the new LEED AP program. See my previous post that explained my process of evaluation and final decision… for now. Part of the evaluation included figuring out what was needed to maintain my credentials. If I became a LEED AP BD+C (aka LEED AP with Specialty) I’d have to participate in the Certification Maintenance Program. There are two options in the program:

For me, I already have some of the hours, or plan to in the next two years. These are the items highlighted in green. But doing the math, I’m still short 6 CE hours. Unfortunately my PE doesn’t count as I’ve had it for awhile. The good news is that IES is already an approved provider and will be offering ERB approved trainings later this year. So this can count for you if you plan to attend one of our approved trainings, or are one of the presenters.

For me, I could work on my professional development and take a few ERB-approved courses ($). Or I could publish two articles (time). Or I could take advantage of living in Boston, “the Athens of America” with its 100 plus college and universities and just take a college course (time and $). Or I could just take the test. I like tests. Note: in case you don’t do well on tests, be forewarned, you only have up to three tries per calendar year.

For now, I’m waiting to see where the market goes in the coming years. I’m leaning towards the test taking option. Did I mention I like tests? In the meantime, I can sleep soundly knowing that my “LEED AP without specialty credential is held in perpetuity and does not have any credential maintenance requirements or fees.”

Next Time: LEED AP: What to Study and How to Study.

Original: IES » » LEED AP: Continuing Education


John,  May 14, 2010 at 1:44 AM  

Great Post,

Thanks for sharing all this useful information about LEED AP program with us.


continuing education

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