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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little blooming BIM

I promised Linda that I would write something pretty and flowery to balance some of my recent blog posts.  You may not believe this, but I hate selling software.  I'm not a box pusher and being called the "AutoCAD salesman" is about the worst thing I've ever been called.  At this point, I'm a BIM consultant.  I'm providing solutions for those looking to embrace the future.  BIM software is a blossoming industry and I expect in about two to four years, it's going to be exhausting when about a million of your peers finally realize that they have no choice but to move to Revit.  Yes, the same people that were all forced to move to AutoCAD will now be forced to move to Revit.

What does all of ths have to do with the pictures below?  I thought you'd ask.  Welcome to my back porch.  I couldn't decide which picture to use, so I included all of them.  There are 132 photos and they're all high resolution.  Feel free to use them as you wish.  I want you to look at the photo below.  What do you see?  Do you see the fierce competition?  Do you see the marketing, the fighting to be chosen? 

Do you ever see sales in nature?  Each flower has it's own look, smell and shape and each one is vying for the insects to land on them, pollinate them and help them continue to grow.  Which of the flowers below would you pick?  Did you know that you're in sales too?  Getting hired for a job, getting picked to design a project, being selected to manage a team are all byproducts of you selling your art, creativity, experience and other qualifications.  So, the next time a reseller walks into your office, remember that you're in sales too.  We all are selling something whether it's a product, solution, service, design, idea or anything. 

Just like these flowers, we all one to be selected.  What differentiates you?  What makes you stand out in a crowd?  What makes you more likely to be selected?  Are you a drafter, project manager, CAD or BIM manager, principal?  What are you doing to grow and blossom?  Are you a budding BIM user?  Are you in the weeds with CAD?  Stop for a moment and acknowledge the beauty of nature, the order of things and how our planet sustains itself.  Now, what are you doing to sustain yourself?  How is it that plans and flowers do so well in their natural environment, yet we manage to kill plants every day with neglect, lack of water or nutrients.  What are yo doing right and what are you doing wrong.

Yes, all of this is about CAD, BIM and you.  Every morning I wake up and look at these beautiful flowers.  It's a wonderful way to start my day and I just wanted to share these thoughts and beautiful images with you.


Linda April 30, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

Thank you Gregory and all of the readers and subscribers of Revit3D.com. My big question to all of you if you haven't adopted BIM in your firm- what are you waiting for... a personal invitation? I just spoke to a firm who bought Revit in November 2008. That was when the bottom dropped out of the market and all of their work dried up. They spent all of 2009 learning and hustling and leveraging their new skills. In 2010 they are stronger then ever, they raised their fees by 20% and they have a major presence in their region. The principal looked me in the eye and thanked Gregory and our firm for saving them. I ask you- signs of recovery are all over- where will you be when the recession is over? Contact us at sales@caddcenters.com for a BIM implementation package today. Linda

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