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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modeling in Revit is Easier than Remodeling in my Bathroom - The Revit Clinic


Living in a two bedroom condo on the smaller side makes you appreciate any space you have. Especially when discovering space underneath the stairs behind our bathroom wall. While removing the existing gypsum board and installing some concrete backerboard for the new tile on this wall, there was no way I could justify closing the wall up entirely [I had to build some type of storage].

So I did; both in Revit and in reality. The Revit version was complete well before the work in progress. This is probably because cleanup is easier in Revit, I can do it faster and I don't have to put away my tools at the end of each day!

I wanted to share a process for creating a relatively simple shelving family with some nested shelves and a cabinet-face panel. The flash video is linked below; you should be able to save the flash file as well if you would like to keep it for future reference.


Cabinet Shelving Tutorial Video

The video above is about 17.5 minutes as it includes the entire process. Feel free to skip through it if you are familiar with any of the steps along the way. As always should you have any questions or topic requests for future posts feel free to comment below!

Source: Modeling in Revit is Easier than Remodeling in my Bathroom - The Revit Clinic: "


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