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Friday, April 2, 2010

Modifying a Yes/No Parameter Appearance in Schedules - The Revit Clinic


You have a Yes/No Parameter you wish to include in a schedule. By default the Yes/No parameter will appear in the schedule as the default checkbox illustrated in the example image below:


You can adjust the default display by creating a Calculated Value column instead with a formula to adjust the appearance.

For example say you simply want to see a Yes or No instead of the checkbox.

In the Schedule View > View Properties > Fields > Calculated Value

Create a new calculated value column and add a formula similar to below. In this example I specified the Type as Text since I used text values in my formula:


if(Paint, "Yes", "No")

In this example the formula is telling Revit if the Yes/No parameter Paint equals yes show Yes, if not show No.

Afterward you can hide the original Yes/No parameter column in the schedule, and only show the calculated value column. To do this navigate > View Properties > Formatting > highlight the original Yes/No Field > check Hidden Field.

When complete the schedule view will appear as follows:

Source: Modifying a Yes/No Parameter Appearance in Schedules - The Revit Clinic


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