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Friday, April 16, 2010

Revit 2011, The Future, You, 2012...Urgent

Well, were you able to download Revit yesterday?  How many times did you have to try and log in to get the software.  It's funny because I was assured by someone at Autodesk how their system could support all of the traffic and you'd be able to download the software with noooo problem.  They were using this really incredible backbone server that could handle all of the traffic.   I'm sure there will be a few tweaks to the system for next year.

I am a little proud of being the cause of the crush of traffic.  I have to thank the internet for that.  After making my blog post yesterday morning and being the first person in the world to blog about the release, I then went on Twitter to post about it.  Then it was off to 5 AUGI threads, then I went to the Autodesk Forum and made a post there.  Lastly, I  went to LinkedIn and Facebook and posted about it there.  It's amazing how connected we really are and how you can reach so many people at one time across the world.

That brings me to my main topic.  I've activated www.revit2012.com.  No, don't click on it, it will just bring you to the main blog.  But, starting next February 1st, you may want to peak at it from time to time.  Of course, if things repeat themselves, expect a release of information on March 25th 2011 and that you can download a new version on April 15, 2011.

I'm glad the madness of the the features, release date and actual download are behind me.  You have no idea how exhausting this time of year is for me.  So much to do in preparation for the new releases and to post about them all.

I've been good to you this year.  As always, being the first in the world to provide you this information brought me a lot of pressure and questions from the Borg about what I could and couldn't tell you.  I pushed back and continued to give you what you all wanted.

Now.  You have to give me something in return.  I have 1,918 blog subscribers, yet only 378 of you signed up for the Autodesk Tour.  Quite frankly, that's BS.  I need 122 more people to sign up before Saturday night.

Let me make this simple.  You don't have to actually attend the webcast. You just need to sign up.  I need 122 of you to please sign up right now.  It takes 2 minutes. Go to www.revit3d.com/adskvirtual.  Do I ask much of you?  No.  Do I provide a lot to you every morning. Of course I do.  So, why haven't you given me a tiny something back in return?  It doesn't matter if you've already signed up with another reseller.  It doesn't matter where in the world you are.  I just really need each of my subscribers to please sign up now.

If you do me this one favor, I promise to keep providing you with the best Revit, BIM, LEED and IPD blog in the world.  Now, go to www.revit3d.com/adskvirtual and sign up.  Thank you. Gregory


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