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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Revit Architecture Services & Support - Upgrading older Revit files to Revit Architecture 2009

Uh, no idea why this came out today. Must have been stuck between the mimeograph machine and the electric eraser. I do hope you appreciate my sarcasm on these posts. My wife just asked if people still use the electric eraser? I told her now it's a digital eraser. It's called AutoCAD.

Did you ever use the first drafting program? It was called ChiselCAD. It's just like AutoCAD, but it didn't have a delete function.

Published date: 2010-Apr-08
ID: TS1085368

Applies to:
Revit® Architecture 2009
Revit® MEP 2009
Revit® Structure 2009
When you were upgrading a file from a previous version of Revit, you received an "Out of Memory" error message.

You may experience memory related problems with large files when upgrading them to the 2009 release of Revit.

To upgrade the project, you should first make sure that you have enabled the 3GB switch in Windows.

Next, in the older version of Revit

  1. Open the file with the Audit option selected.
  2. On the File menu, click Purge Unused.
  3. In the Purge Unused dialog box, select All to remove all unused objects and families from the file.
  4. In the Manage Links dialog box, unload all RVT links.
  5. Close all views but one.
  6. Save the file to a new location or re-save it with the Compaction check box selected.

Then, in Revit Architecture 2009, place the file in a shared network location. You should then try to open the file from this location.

If after following these suggestions you still experience a problem upgrading files, you should contact Autodesk Product Support through the Subscription Center.

You should be prepared to provide the affected RVT and journal files from your computer. For more information about how to obtain journal files, you should refer to TS1067426.
Autodesk - Autodesk Revit Architecture Services & Support - Upgrading older Revit files to Revit Architecture 2009


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