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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Revit Detail: 04.1 - Curved Roof Detail - Analysis

Here's another great blog that really pays attention to detail. I've posted a tiny bit of his latest post so go on over to http://revit-detail.blogspot.com and see more of Peter's great work on Revit details.

This detail is on a curved roof; consisting of insulated metal roof panel (curved) on structural roof beams/purlins/girder’s (whatever it’s called in your region of the world). It has an eaves junction with an external wall and requires a profile gutter (that matches the roof manufactures detail or is a commonly supplied element by the roof manufacture) and has a few other elements such as wall plates, cavity closers, fillers etc. The other cross section show the verge detail in which the side of the roof panel meets the wall, this joint needs to be covered with a verge board or special flashing piece. Below are the 2 initial sketch sections and a list of objects I think are in the detail.

Read the rest of the post: Revit Detail: 04.1 - Curved Roof Detail - Analysis


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