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Monday, April 26, 2010

The third D and it's place in architecture - More thoughts about BIM and the future of the A/E industry

Continuing on my conversation with you from my last blog post about the "I", now let's talk about 2D vs 3D for a moment. Each change on the drawing is marked by a little triangle, called a revision mark, or delta.  D is for Delta.  You've been doing 3D all along.  2D + D(elta)=3D.  Congrats.

This post started when I read a post the following.  I read about Delta Designers in a post today from graymattersgt.net in a post Life and Death of the Emirate City  with the quote

In May of 2008, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with Delta Designers, a forward thinking architecture student group based in Miami, to Dubai to do some research on the development of the city and to see some of the new architectural developments. 

I found this on the web:
In the summer of 2007 a group of students from the School of Architecture (Florida International University -FIU) decided to create an online forum (http://www.delta-forum.com). The forum allows architecture students to compare their work and critique each other, discuss design theory, and acts as a student resource for tutorials. Started in June 2007, the Delta Design Forum has picked up new members from the SoA, and has members from around the world, including India.

It's funny, because my company teaches Revit to FIU students and we've taught Revit on campus.  So, what is a delta designer, if delta signifies change.  Change in the industry?  Change the technology?  Change the conversation?  Oh, change the lines on all of the dwgs and mark them with the delta symbol with little numbers inside them for revisions.

While googling, I came across this on a web page:
If you are in the process of reviewing plans with an architect, designer or contractor, be sure to ASK if you do not understand what a certain drawing symbols denote.
I'm looking at the word ASK in capitals.  Hmmm. That must mean something.  What if we put a D in the word ASK. We have DASK. No, that's doesn't mean anything. Then there's ADSK.  Wait, that looks familiar.  What could ADSK stand for.  Oh, that's right, it's Autodesk's trading symbol on the stock market.  So, what would Autodesk be with the D?  They created AutoCAD. That's 2D. Now they have Revit and own the BIM market.  Another D cause that's 3D.

So many architects can't get from 2D to 3D (my famous new word, BIMpotent).  How will they ever get to 4D, 5D and 6D, which I call IPD. Others call it FM or Sustainability. I think FM is a byproduct of 3D. Sustainability is done way back in design, so it doesn't deserve to be 6D.

4D and 5D.  Time and cost.  Oh, that's the contractor's job.  6D, IPD, again, contractor led.  This is just going downhill isn't it.

Here's from a class on blueprint reading on construction.
Course Objectives:
¨ Identify the nine basic lines.
¨ Identify symbols, views, and details.
¨ Calculate a materials list from blueprint.
¨ Understand and read specifications and dimensions from a blueprint
The nine basic lines?  Dopey, Bashful....sorry, wrong blog post.  What's the most important line?  The bottom line of course, the one that shows how profitable you are.  How many CAD firms are profitable versus BIM firms.  I'd love if somebody knew that statistic.  

While, I'm writing this, our next door neighbor came over.  I asked him why we haven't seen him in forever.  He said, he's so busy doing drawings.  I asked what he's talking about.  He remodels houses and was doing the drawings for kitchen and cabinet layouts. Of course I asked him what program he's using.  He said CorelDraw.  I just about fell out of my chair.  So, I opened up www.revit3d.com/renderings to show him what Revit output can look like.  His response?  You can't build from that.  It got pretty ugly from there with the debate about the whole 2D vs 3D topic.

Ok. I've had enough of D now, haven't you.  Time for some D-fense.   Have a D-lightful Day.  I wonder what letter we'll discuss next. 

Oh, yeah...the more Ds you do the more Dollars you make.  3D makes you more than 2D.  Duh.


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