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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Transfer Project Standards > Project Info and Shared Coordinates - The Revit Clinic

From: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/04/transfer-project-standards-project-info-and-shared-coordinates.html

By default when using Transfer Project Standards > Project Info, you can overwrite information such as the project location and project information. For example the data on the following two menus would be updated when doing so:


If the coordinates for the project base point or survey point vary between the two files, this location will also be updated. For example in the host file you used Project Location > Coordinates > Specify Coordinates at Point and modified the location at some point. Or you simply entered new values in the project base point.

The coordinates [for the project base point or survey point] from the file you are transferring project standards from will replace the host file if you choose overwrite.

Manage > Transfer Project Standards should list the items to be updated:


For example, the file I am transferring project standards from has project base point coordinates as follows:

My host file is set as follows:

After I transfer project standards > project info > overwrite, the host file coordinates will update to match the file I transferred from:


Where the project base point and survey point are not visible by default this may not be immediately obvious and is good to keep in mind! It is also useful should you need to quickly reset the coordinate values to match another file.

Transfer Project Standards > Project Info and Shared Coordinates - The Revit Clinic


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