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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Undo Command - Daily Occurrence Blog

I was looking at some blog traffic links tonight and saw one from my friend at http://dailyoccurrence.wordpress.com

As I was reading the first paragraph...

"Ever find yourself wanting to explore a design option, yet make it y to get back to the original if you change your mind? The UNDO command is your friend, but it can be tedious to backpedal through the undo history one step at a time."
...a thought occurred to me. Don't you wish you could UNDO all the years of frustration with CAD, the software, the training, the layers, the line weights and don't you wish you had started with Revit back in 2000 or 2002? Imagine how much farther along the BIM path you'd be and how much more money you'd be making with your productivity up 50 or 75%. Don't you just wish there was an UNDO command to go back in time and hadn't kicked that reseller out of your office. You remember, the guy you told you could do your work just as fast in AutoCAD than in Revit. The guy you told that you only needed 3D, that no one you worked with would ever need 3D.

Ah, the precious UNDO command. If only it worked in the real world. UNDO what you say, UNDO that wrong turn, UNDO so many things that you regret doing. Is it too late? Is there still hope for you and BIM? Well, the answer is YES. We can never go back in time. You are where you are right now for a reason. You're reading this for a reason. Go from UNDO to CANDO. You CAN DO IT! Press the CanDO link right now and get started. There is hope for you CAD users out there.

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