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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What;s the point in being afraid....???

I was just watching Lost and someone said "What's the point of being afraid."  If you're a fan of Lost, you must like me, have absolutely no idea what's going on, where the show is ultimately going and what the Island is all about. 

Welcome to BIM.  What's the point of being afraid.  What's your fear?  Money, time, proficiency, workflow, the learning curve, making the wrong decision, the unknown, experience or anything else is making you afraid.  You're going to move to Revit anyhow, so you can get over your fear now or do it later.  Fear of the unknown?  Fear of being Lost?  The only things for sure in life are death and RFIs. 

Remember, in the BIMuda Triangle, 3D is easier than 2D and modeling is easier than converting 3D images in your head to 2D lines.


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