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Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you ready for AU2010? Did you meet the deadline and submit your proposals?

I just finished uploading my AU proposals.  Wish my luck.  Of course I waited until the last minute to submit them.  That always gets my creative juices flowing. With any luck (and a little skill), I'll get picked again this year.  to teach a class.  Hope you all are willing to vote for my classes.  The more you vote, the more I get to blog and help you help me help you.

 8903 BIM Bids Only! How to get your subcontractors to bid a Revit project
Lecture Construction and Real Estate Pending
8239 How to make money with BIM - A conversation about CAD vs BIM
Lecture Business Owner Pending
6339 BIM For Bidders / BIM Forbidders (From BIMpotent to BIMperfect-  A guide for GCs and subs

Lecture Construction and Real Estate Pending
1603 BIM WTF - Workflow Timeline and Fear
Lecture CAD Management and IT Pending

1226 Diary of a BIM blogger How to make the most of social media for your firm - It's BIMperfection.com

Lecture Architecture and Building Design Pending


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