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Thursday, May 6, 2010

BIM - a story for newbie contractors

One day in March, I got a phone call from a gentleman asking me if I'd like to do a BIM presentation for his organization.  It's called the Florida Wall and Ceiling Contractor Associatoin (FWCCA).   Sure, it doesn't sound exciting, but they're the guys who bury all of the conflicts in the walls and ceilings with their drywall and ceiling tiles.

The presentation was a joint venture between myself and Larry Cohan, Principal of BC Architects.  We had a great time over the 2 hours we spent with the group and I saw something today I've never seen before in my life.

I saw an actual architectural principal using a computer and a mouse.  Wait, that's not the surreal part.  The crazy part was ...drum roll please..... he was actually using Revit.  Yes, a principal of a firm, using Revit.  Oh my gosh, it was even Revit Architecture 2011.  I know what you're thinking and so was I.  It was just crazy.  I only wish I had taken a photo of it but I was busy playing with my new iPAD 3G.  

Larry, I was so proud of you today.  PS.  Loved your new Dell Precision Workstation.  That was one heavy duty machine you brought with you.  

I want to thank the architect who designed the Marriott Doral Golf Resort and Spa.  It was pure luck that the room we were in for the presentation was so poorly designed and coordinated.  The ceiling was 7 feet high.  The walls were angled and the ceiling tile looked like crap the way it had to fit.  The ceiling had dents everywhere from projectors and chairs and other oddities hitting the low ceiling.  There was a tile with finger imprints embedded in it where someone tried to lift the tile, but it was blocked by a duct.

This group of subcontractors had never seen Revit before.  Frankly, none of them had ever seen AutoCAD before either.  They were so impressed with the live section cuts, grid layout tools, quantities, ability to change wall types on the fly and the visualization aspects.  Since the ceiling and drywall contractors have to cover up all of the MEP systems that never fit in the ceiling, they were fascinated with Revit and BIM.
It's late and I'm really tired.  I have two more presentations on Friday, one for the Independent Electrical Contractors of Florida.  I'm teaching them a 4 hour course on BIM for Contractors.  Friday afternoon, I'm doing a Revit Roundtable for AIA Tampa where I'm presenting a Conversation about BIM to architectural principals.  It's part of my BIM WTF conversation (Workflow Timeline Fear).  
So much more to tell you, but it will have to wait. I know I've been slacking on the blog posts and I promise to catch up soon.  I've just been so busy and trying to spend more time with JR

PS. Larry, I'm sorry about the title block joke and the other jokes that the contractors loved.  It's a good thing you're the best BIM architect i know and your CDs and models are beautiful. 


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