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Friday, May 21, 2010

"The BIM"

I was sitting here playing on my iPad looking at all of this information and wondering how it gets here instantly and where it all comes from.  So where did the information come from?  It comes from people and it comes from ideas and thoughts.

Information comes from ideas.  Ideas are filled with information.  You are creative. You create. You create buildings, landscapes, visions, art, life, love, passion and wisdom.

The idea of BIM.  Build - Information - Manage.  
Build the project
Build it with information and ideas.
Manage those ideas with pencil and paper and maybe even software.
Manage those ideas and create information and buildings with them.
Manage the building during design, construction and after occupancy.

The BIM concept is enormous in what it means.  It's like "The Pill".  We'll call it "The BIM."

The BIM means so many things.  It is life changing.  It is process changing.  It is profit changing.

It is all about change.  You must change your mind.  You must have new ideas.  BIM is about information and ideas.  You must open your mind to new ideas.  There is no status quo with The BIM.  

Change your mind.  Open your mind.  Change the world.  Say goodbye to change orders.  Can you fathom the idea that there is a better way?  If you don't open your mind, do you have no new ideas?  How can you be creative in your designs when you can't even adopt new ideas about technology?  You can't have it both ways.  You can't call yourself an architect or an artist or a designer if you can't open you eyes and your mind to these new ideas. 

The BIM.  It's not such a hard concept to swallow.

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