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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the wonderful people who brought you subscription...another Autodesk Revit Promotion ending 7/18/10

As you already know, we're still deep in a recession.  Autodesk's Simplified Pricing Program started March 15th and even though many of you couldn't make the move financially, no matter how much more it was going to cost, Autodesk is introducing a promotion for the next few months to try again to try and get you to spend less money for more software.

I don't think there's going to be another chance for a deal like this, but who knows.  Personally, I don't like these promotions because I make less money and still have certain goals to achieve and this just makes it harder to do it.
There's one thing I can tell you for certain and that's that no one calls and asks for AutoCAD anymore.  If someone calls looking for new software, it's always for Revit.  You have no idea how tough it was for me 5 years ago trying to sell Revit when no one had heard of it.  If you know any architect who still hasn't heard of Revit and BIM, ask them how that's possible and why they have no regard for using technology to save their clients money.  After all, that's what BIM is about now, providing your client with a better product, output and building.  

Let's do the math.  Revit Suites retail for $5995.  Under the regular pricing, upgrading AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture or an earlier release of Revit (all 2008-2010) is $2995.

With the promotion it's $1497.50.  If you had AutoCAD 2008 and had upgraded every year, you'd have paid $595 x 3 which is about $1800.  So, you get Revit and AutoCAD/Architecture for less than you would have paid.  

Let's take it a step further.  There are 2,080 work hours in a year, so over three years that's 6,240 hours.  Take $1800 divided by 6,240 and you get 29 cents an hour for the cost of the software.

For budgeting purposes, if you do the upgrade for $1497.50 and pay for maintenance of $725 to be covered for the next 3 years, that will be a total of $3,672.50 ($1497.50+$725 now) and $725 in 1 year and $725 in 2 years.  That works out to 59 cents per hour.  If you don't take advantage of the promotion, well the same package will cost you $5170 (83 cents/hour).  

Why would you pay $5000 when you can pay $3672?  Get with the program.   Call me for an official proposal and even better, let me help you get financing so you can pay it monthly.  It's about $111/month/seat (64 cents/hour).

Come on people....64 cents?  Go on a street corner and ask for spare change.  This is serious and if you don't do it now, your competitors will take away all of your business because they are all moving to Revit today. 

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