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Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a feature. It's not a defect....and a few words about Graitec, a great BIM add on for the Structural industry

A friend of mine didn't want the pond in front of his house anymore because they were doing some new landscaping. I got a free pond liner and pump (non-functional). It's turned out to be the most expensive free gift I've ever received.

I've always wanted a waterfall, and a neighbor of ours is a landscape planner and contractor, so he sketched out a design and we agreed to go ahead with it. Of course, being a contractor, I didn't ask him for a price, and trusted him to do it for a reasonable cost. Because of that, it's taken forever for him to do little bits of it between other projects of his.

I was hoping ot have it done by January, and we've only been able to turn it on last week. It's turned out very nice, but there's one problem. Because of the design, the water is leaking under the slate and we're losing enough water every day to be annoyed. Of course he'll fix it, it's only a matter of when.

This morning I decided to troubleshoot and see where the water was leaking. On the bottom tier, the water is dripping under and dropping down outside the pond. So, I found a planter bottom and luckily, it had a crack in a side of it. I put it under the leaking area and now it's capturing the water and making a little fountain of its own. If you look in the middle photo at the planter bottom, you'll see the cracked edge and the water flowing out.

I took a defect and made it a feature.

Now that you're all a month into the 2011 products, I'd like anyone who has any feedback about Revit 2011 products to let me know what you think?  Defects or features are welcome.  Of course, Autodesk did a great job this year, so there should be no defects, just great new features.

I hope you enjoy looking at my waterfall as much as some of you enjoyed looking at my orchids last week.  I'm off to Orlando now with a nice 3 hour drive to go to the Steel Conference to mingle with 3,000 people in the structrual steel industry.  Why you ask?  Because CADD Centers of Florida is a Graitec dealer.  What's Graitec you ask?  Well, they're a structural steel and concrete detailing and analysis software company who's products help contractors build buildings faster by tying into Revit Structure and AutoCAD detailing.  Their products help the construction process flow better, hey, just like my waterfall.  PS. It wasn't the original intent to link waterfalls and Graitec together.  It just sort of happened by accident.  Randy, I hope you appreciate that.

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