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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A million reasons to love BIM & Revit live on the iPad.

I'll apologize up front as this post is completely self serving and all about me. Well, let me rephrase that. This post is actually all about you and all about me. It's about us, teamwork and the future.

At some point yesterday, I had the most amazing thing happen to me.  One of you became the one millionth viewer of my blog.   It was only about a week ago, that I noticed a tool on Feedburner that allowed me to see all of the history of the aggregate visits to my website.  It was at 977,000.

If you had told me 3 years ago when I started my blog that any of this would have happened, I never would have believed it.  This living breathing digital creature of mine has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I've been asked why I do it and how do I find all of my information and how and why I write the things I do.  What drives me?  It's simple.  It's knowing the systems is broken and needs to be fixed.

The past week has been pretty amazing in general.  Because of the blog, I was able to have conversations with Dr. John Messner, a BIM guru from Penn State who helped create an awesome BIM Execution Plan, Kimon Onuma, one of the earliest brilliant visionaries of BIM, Josh Kanner, the founder of Vela Systems and now my newest BIM partner and Randy Deutsch, the brain behind http://bimandintegrateddesign.com/.  On a side note, Randy needs a job at a BIM firm.  His writing is brilliant and he's a BIM guru.  Someone out there really needs to make an investment and take advantage of his talents before one of your competitors grabs him.  Randy and I always have the most amazing conversations and I'd hire him in a second if he'd only move to Florida.

I'm very thankful that this little blog has allowed me to learn so much every day, share my life, vision and passion with you, and to help make a difference in the AEC industry.  Every day there's more and more information coming online about BIM and it's impossible to keep up with.  If you have problems reading all of my posts, just imagine the one's that I don't post.  I'm trying to not overwhelm you.  I know my blog is many blogs in one.  Revit for new users, Revit for seasoned users, BIM for contractors, LEED for everyone, my thoughts on BIM, Integrated Project Delivery and all of the tutorials and tech tips.  I've thought about separating the blogs, but I'm working on a category system to make it easier depending on your level and needs.  Any input from you would be welcome on what you'd be interested in.

I made a commitment to Autodesk yesterday and I'll make it to you as well.  I'm going to try and not say anything bad about AutoCAD in the future on my blog.  I do actually acknowledge there are a number of uses for it and there are still a lot of people using it in various industries.  What I will never stop doing is to make a comparison of the CAD process versus the BIM process in regards to building buildings, roads and components.  There's just no way that drawing lines, circles and arcs can compare to the results created from BIM.  It's not really about AutoCAD, it's about how it's used, the information generated from it and the amount of problems that arise from 2D.  I think that will make Shawn, Lynn and Edwin very happy.

Lastly, I had a little life changing event happen yesterday.  The  president of my company sent out a company wide email at 3pm announcing his retirement and making me President of our dealership.  You can't imagine the amount of head butting between the two of us about the direction of the company, how best to serve our customers and my only wanting to tout the BIM solution and not AutoCAD.   I have a vision of the future of BIM and am thankful to have the opportunity to be a visionary of the "I" in BIM.

For all of my hard work and new promotion, yesterday, my wife allowed me (wait, that doesn't sound right, but whatever), she tolerated my wishes and at 8:15pm last night, I became the proud owner of an iPad 3G.  I'm still torn between a netbook, waiting for the new HP slate with Palm's Web OS and the iPad and which one is the right choice, but I have to tell you....so far...this gadget rocks.  The first thing I bought was LogMeIn Ignition.  It allows me to instantly log into my office computer and access all of my programs and that includes Revit.  Here's a video I just made.  The possibilities of portable BIM are now endless.  When iTunes asked me to name my iPad, i chose "BIM pad".  I hope that's prescience, because I've been pretty good about knowing the right technology to adopt since I was a little boy.

So, once again, thank you all for your continued patronage of my blog.  I can hardly wait for my second million views.  I'm thinking it will take a lot less than 3 year.


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