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Monday, May 24, 2010

Nature and BIM

We're having more fun in the backyard lately. We planted miklweed and the Monarch butterflies have been laying eggs on them like crazy.

I took a bunch a pictures of the caterpillars and while reviewing them this morning, I came up with another observation.

In previous posts, I've mentioned my intrigue with how catepillars are so slow (CAD), yet after their transformation (Revit Implementation), grow wings and can fly (BIM Process). It's truly amazing to see this in nature, and on rare occasion, see this happen at an architecture or engineering firm.

So, here's this morning's observation about CADepillars. Look closely at the photo. Do you see the lineweights, colors and layers? I think I'm going to name him DWG.

See anything different in the second photo?  3D, wings, metamorphosis.  Welcome to the BIM butterfly.  One last cool thing. If you look on the leaf he's on, there's a little white dot.  That's a caterpillar egg.  The whole lifecycle process is so cool.

Now, spread your wings and fly with BIM.

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David B.,  May 25, 2010 at 8:35 AM  

okay, that's cool....corny of course, but cool...

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