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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of those emails that makes it all worthwhile for me to be a BIM evangelist

I just received this email from a gentleman at one of presentations about a week ago.  Apparently his connection with my family's construction business goes back 35 years.  Mel was one of the most active participants in the presentation I gave and provided me with some great insights.  What's so cool about him and one of the reasons I'm sharing his letter with you is that he's 82 years old.  Yes, 82 and not only still active in the construction industry, but he also wants to learn about BIM and how to take advantage of it.

I'm awed that he's taking on this endeavor and I'm honored that I will have the opportunity to work with someone with his knowledge base and experience.
After all, all of that knowledge and experience means one thing....it's Information.  He knows everything there is about construction, means and methods, pricing, phasing, contracts and everything else.  You can say he is BIM.  It's just not digital. He does it the old fashioned way.  As part of the brain drain of the AEC industry from the recession's layoffs, I can hardly wait to have Mel take our Revit Essentials class and he'll be the oldest student we've ever had.  

So, when the rest of you complain about being set in your ways and every other excuse for not adopting Revit, remember Mel.  We are BIM.  We are proud. We are strong and we have found a better way.  There are no more excuses.  It's not about the money.  It's about the quality of the product you produce.  Are you proud of your plans?  Do you brag about your line weights?  Do you show off your hatch patterns?  I didn't think so.

Mel, you humble me with your desire to embrace BIM at your age.  As for anyone reading this who hasn't moved to Revit and BIM, you should be ashamed of yourself for being such a 2D year old.

Now...Mel's letter...

ATTN: Gregory Arkin LEED AP BD+C, President  CADD Centers of Florida
    The information regarding the new BIM system was a real "eye opener" and your presentation was fresh and had everyone's attention from the very beginning. It was refreshing that you presented the entire program without using "power point". Your approach allowed for the audience to be able to ask questions and at times to ask questions of each other.
     I came away from that experience with a new hunger for a totally revolutionary  means of understanding the intentions of the architects and engineers. BIM will not have a detrimental affect on "jobs" as many may feel. This modernization is not robotic but it is informative to allow all parties to be informed in a complete and uniform method. 
    BIM will be calling for many who will be architects, engineers, specifiers, product manufacturers, sales reps, project managers, supervisors etc. for GC, subcontractors etc. I can even envision a time when it will be proper for material and equipment supply dealers to be BIM participants in the processes.
When I was with Cather Drywall Inc. in Ft.Lauderdale in 1970 one of my functions was to create a purchasing function. I hired a young lady named Lucille whose husband was a drywall hanger for the company. She quickly grasped the system that broke down each like unit in a particular condo and sync with the lead estimator have the floor units ready to order upon directions of the job superintendent and the "sign-off" by the lead estimator.
These same sheets were attached to the purchase order, to allow the load to be broken down in a board count by unit count for ease in stocking in the units. These controls provided more accuracy and it reduced manpower costs in handling and the need to reorder product.
I had the opportunity to meet your uncle Norm, as Bob Slowinski, introduced him. Bob was the Executive Vice-President of Cather. More often Bob Luschen, Estimating Manager, would accompany Bob Slowinski but I was invited in order that I could grasp the enormity and value in the communicating in a timely and factual manner, with the highest level of management.
I will attempt to contact Jeff, of B & B Interiors, this week to discuss my participation with the Education Committee of Fla. Wall & Ceiling Assn. I am of the opinion that our industry needs "young blood". I would appreciate the opportunity to have a time to meet with you and discuss a means of attracting high school juniors and seniors to become aware of BIM.
Mel Kurpinski


Randy Deutsch May 19, 2010 at 10:35 AM  

If this isn't inspiring - I don't know what is. Here on out, there are no more excuses. Thank you for sharing this story!

Robin Capper May 20, 2010 at 4:43 AM  

Did you use MindManager to converse (rather than PowerPoint)?

Would you like better presentation in MindManager? I'd drop PowerPoint entirely if it handled large images and presentation of the notes pane better. Wonder if you agree.

Robin Capper May 20, 2010 at 4:53 AM  

An inspiring story which reminds me of this one.

I did a cycle tour in the South Island of NZ and one of the group was in his 80s (see image link on this comment). He could ride 60+ miles a day and I asked how long had been cycling. I excpected an answer in decades and was amazed when he said "5 years, started when 76 as needed the excerise"!

Never too late to change

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