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Thursday, May 27, 2010

PrintConductor Prints Documents in Batches Without Opening Them

OK. Some of the comments about my blog post about Design Review vs PDF got some strong reactions. One note, Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't come preinstalled on computers. You have to download and install it. The comment about computers being locked down is kind of BS. If Acrobat had to be installed, then Design Review can be just as easily installed.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR EVERYTHING. Have some backbone and tell your clients that this is better and use it. If you want, I'll make a 5 minute video tutorial (and I'm sure there are plenty already out there) for your clients to use.

Again, it's about the information within the model, drawings and files. Why do you insist on dumbing it down to PDFs? For those of you who refuse to change, below is a program to at least make it easier for you to make PDFs. See, I'm not unreasonable.

Source: http://lifehacker.com/5549041/printconductor

PrintConductor Prints Documents in Batches  Without Opening ThemWindows: Got a host of PDFs, Office documents, or, heck, AutoCad documents to print out? Load them into PrintConductor, and you can batch print them without opening the apps they came from. Better still, you can print them all to PDF.

PrintConductor doesn't require much more explanation. You can team it with the Universal Document Converter print driver to batch-process all your documents into PDFs, but you can also use your own virtual printer driver, like doPDF. If you're planning to print the same batch of documents more than once, you can save your queues to a file for later loading.

PrintConductor is a free download for Windows systems only. Already have a batch PDF conversion process you prefer? Share it with your fellow document shufflers in the comments.

PrintConductor Prints Documents in Batches Without Opening Them


bullsnbears1 May 27, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

Gregory said: "Have some backbone and tell your clients that this is better and use it."!!!


I thought the comments in the last blog post were right on. We are dealing with not only contractors & subs, but suppliers, building departments, clients, etc... the pdf is here to stay. Now Bluebeam that you sell makes this easier to deal with if you want to browbeat some people into buying that.

What's a real PITA is that Revit doesn't let you import PDF's to sheets. This should be a no brainer.

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