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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sheet Creator Add-In for Revit - Jason Grant

Here's a little helper from Jason Grant.  Hope this helps everyone....


I have been updating the Sheet Creator Add-In to increase functionality and control.  It still requires some more work and testing as well as some feedback that I will get from the AEC DevCamp.  Instead of making my loyal followers to this site wait, I have updated the original Add-In with the changes for the Revit 2011 code.  I have uploaded a zip file in the download section that includes an install for windows 32-Bit (x84) systems and 64-Bit (x64) systems.  This is release v2011.1.
Really easy to use.  Select the titleblock and then just type the sheet number, sheet name and click add sheet.  Repeat.  Once complete just click apply.

Please comment below on what your wish for this Add-In would be.  Your input could help influence the next release.


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