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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The American Institute of Architects - AIA 2030 Commitment_Resources, Programs & Initiatives

Wow...it's finally here. You've just got to download this spreadsheet. It automatically turns all of your projects into net zero buildings. Was that sarcastic enough? I still don't see the point of this. Actually modeling buildings and using tools like the IES VE toolkits are what we really need.

As a blog commenter suggested, didn't Energy Star already do this? Progress requires action, not a spreadsheet. I'm just hopping mad about this.

AIA Releases Tool to Assist Firms in Tracking Progress Towards the 2030 Goals of the Commitment

Download Now!

FAQ for Working with the Progress Report Tool

Which projects should be included as “Active Projects”?

Include all design projects which meet the following criteria:

    • was an active project in the design phase during the report calendar year

    • architectural projects which scope included, at a minimum, HVAC system modifications or substantial envelope modifications OR interiors-only projects which included lighting design

Projects which were not in a design phase during the calendar year should not be included.

Should a project in conceptual or preliminary design stages be included?
Yes, as long as use type, gross square feet, and target energy reduction goal and/or LPD target have been established, at a minimum.

Should a project in construction be included?
A project currently under construction should only be included if it was in a design phase during the calendar year or if construction-phase modifications to envelope design or building systems were substantial enough to warrant a revised energy model.

Should a project which has been out on hold be included?
Yes, if project and scope of work meet the description of a project which should be included.

How do I calculate a project’s PEUI?
Depending on design phase, the Predicted EUI for a project may be a design goal (if the project is in preliminary design phase) or derived from full energy model data. A project’s energy model will output predicted energy use from all sources: electric, natural gas, utility provided steam, hot water, chilled water, etc. Convert all energy use units to kBtu/year by Gross Square Feet to yield the Predicted EUI in kBtu/sf/year.

there's more if you want to read it The American Institute of Architects - AIA 2030 Commitment_Resources, Programs & Initiatives


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