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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BIM & BEAM: RISA-Revit 2011 Link Now Available! [Software]

You do know that all of your structural engineers have been doing 3D modeling for 20 years for analysis of their projects.  If only they tied RISA into Revit, the wouldn't have to manually convert their analysis into dumb lines using the CAD process.  Your projects would be so much better coordinated if they started using Revit.   Since I'm a RISA dealer, i can only encourage you to demand that your structural engineers use RISA and Revit.  Remember...it's all about providing a better service to your clients.

Source: http://bimandbeam.typepad.com/bim_beam/2010/06/risarevit-2011-link-now-available.html

This is a repost of the announcement from our partners at RISA that the RISA - Revit 2011 Link is now available.
The all-new RISA-Revit 2011 Link is now available as a free download for both
RISAFloor and RISA-3D users. This two-way link is compatible with Revit Structure 2011 (both 32 and 64 bit versions) and allows you to transfer information more seamlessly than ever between Revit and RISAFloor or RISA-3D.
This latest version of the link not only transfers shared coordinate systems,
leaning columns, sloped beams, and enveloped gravity/lateral end reactions,
but also has been completely overhauled for more robust behavior and
significantly increased speed.
Whether you are new to the Link, or are already using the Revit Structure 2010 Link, download the latest version from our website below and try it out today! Visit www.risatech.com/revitstructure to download the new Link today!

Visit www.risatech.com/revitstructure to download the new Link today!
RISA-Revit Structure Link
For more information on the updates in the latest Link see What’s New

RISA   Technologies
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