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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The future of the architecture industry - This is a huge BIM game changer [Rant] #AIA2010

Today, while at the AIA convention, I saw 4 older gentlemen from HKS Architecture.  I asked them if they were principals and they all said yes.  We were having a great conversation about BIM, their competitors who weren't using BIM, the whole IPD future of things and design build.

I started talking to them about the fact that of every project, the owner gives the design team 5% of the budget and the contractor gets 95% of the money.  So, where does the story get interesting?  Well, if you look at the Design Build/IPD business model, it was be just as easy for the contractor to tell the owner that if they give them the project, they'll include the design fee at no additional charge, saving the owner 5%.  Then the contractor would choose the architecture/engineering team and be in control of the design, costs and issues. 

Of course, since it would be a BIM project, there wouldn't be any issues since the contractor would be the decision maker and since they know how buildings go together, they could focus on how to construct the building most efficiently, not worrying about page after page of recycled details that don't pertain to the project.

Even if the GC through in the design for free, they'd still end up making even more money by getting out of the projects faster and not worrying about having to do all of the "Documents Construction" paperwork that they normally have to deal with on every CAD project.

Ladies and gentleman, there is a revolution going on and you CAD firms have just lost the battle.  The principals from HKS were worried about this potential reality and just seeing my own words on the screen as I type this, really makes GCs and BIM the game changer that will decimate the A/E led projects in the future.

Instead of Big A-Little E or Big E-Little A, I like the sound of Huge G-Tiny A.  Hey...my initials.  Just a coincidence. 

Goodnight and sweet dreams....and that's only referring to the contractors.  The rest of you have a big nightmare to deal with. 


Anonymous,  June 11, 2010 at 9:06 AM  

har har.. Heard this years ago and it still hasn't happened.

Cesar,  June 11, 2010 at 5:08 PM  

FYI...Change comes slowly & painfully when dealing with subbornness. As the sayings go "old habits die hard" & "old dogs & new tricks don't mix". The smart ones (like me & others) wil be LOL to the bank.

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