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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inside the System: Revit Model Review for Modeling and Energy Standards [Software]

Source: http://inside-the-system.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/05/revit-model-review-for-revit-modeling-and-energy-standards.html

The Revit Model Review tool (available on Subscription Center) provides automated checks and the ability to correct some modeling issues to quickly fix common model conditions. For example, the room bounding property of ceilings affects how you are able to define Spaces / Plenums within your MEP model. Depending on your workflow, you may want to set ceilings to be non-room bounding, so your Spaces may be defined from Floor to Floor, allowing you to define the Plenum height in your analysis tool.

Follow these steps to create a check in the Model Review tool, and then run that check on an architectural model.

  1. On the Add-Ins ribbon, Model Review panel, click Manage.
  2. On the File menu, select Predefined > Revit Modeling and Energy Standards
  3. On the Check menu, select Add > Standards > Parameter Requirements
  4. Select the Basic tab on the bottom portion of the window.
  5. Set the following:

    1. Name: Ceilings non-room bounding.
    2. Category: Standards
    3. Status: Check the following:

      1. Enabled,
      2. Allow Correction
  6. Select the Details tab
  7. In the Element Type(s) list, select CeilingAndFloor
  8. Make sure under Parameter, Built-In is selected
  9. In the Built In list, select Room Bounding.
  10. Make sure Must Exist is selected, and value is set to Must Be.
  11. In the Please specify one or more values or ranges, enter 0 (0=‘false’, 1=’true’).
  12. Select the Filter tab
  13. Set the first Drop list to Category.
  14. Set the second drop list to =
  15. Set the last drop list to Ceilings.
  16. Click Add.
  17. On the File menu, click Save.
  18. On the File menu, click Exit.
The check is now saved in the check file, allowing you to re-use it in the future. Now, to actually check the architectural model, follow these steps:
  1. Open the architectural model you want to check.
  2. On the Add-ins ribbon, Model Review panel, click Check.
  3. From the Check File list, select Revit Modeling and Energy Standards
  4. In the Model Selection list, select Current Model.
  5. Click OK.
If any ceilings are defined as Room Bounding, there will be an icon in the 'Fix' column you can click to quickly make the ceilings non-room bounding.
Explore the other rules and check files to identify ways in which it may help your models be more consistent.
Source: Inside the System: Revit Model Review for Modeling and Energy Standards


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