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Friday, June 11, 2010

Liability vs Lie-Ability. New BIM word of the day

Randy has written a great post about Transparency -
Being Perfectly, Completely and Utterly \Tran(t)s-ˈper-ənt\ « BIM + Integrated Design. In honor of it, it's time to roll out my new made up Gregory word that popped into my brain last week. When I was thinking and writing about Deadlines and Dead Lines, the word liability popped into my BIM brain.

As I rolled around the word liability in my head, a new word emerged. It's called Lie-Ability. Ever told a client you'd have the drawings at 100% next week when you knew it would be 3 weeks before they'd be complete. Ever tell someone "I don't know what happened, but I never received that email". You know, the one with all of the changes that was going to set you back a month.

Where do you fit on the scale of Lie-Ability. Everything gets so muddied on CAD drawings, that you really never know what it is your getting until the last change order is approved.

BIM doesn't lie. Sure, you can use drafting lines instead of modeling things. Yes, you can make a typical detail and not put the furniture in every room, but you just can't fake a model. Either it's all there or it's not. You can cheat with a visualized process. Mabye that's what you're all so afraid of, that you'll actually have to submit a complete set of construction documents and how long will that take to do. How much will that cost. What will the learning curve be.

Personally, I find it almost impossible to lie. I'm blunt. I say what's on my mind. I don't hold back. You should have seen me in action a the AIA convention yesterday. What is it exactly that you want to hear? Do you want the truth, or do you want to be told what will make you feel better about yourself?

So, think about it. Lie-ability versus Liability. What does that dishonesty cost you. The dishonesty of incomplete drawings. The dishonesty to your clients and the contractor. The dishonesty to yourself. BIM is pure. It requires transparency. It requires communication between the team members. Look at LEED. The electric bill doesn't lie. The water bill doesn't lie. There's transparency in information. There's honesty in analysis. Numbers don't lie. It is what it is. BIM is a database. It's filled with information.

Misinformation is a liability. Faking it requires Lie-Ability. When did you tell your first professional lie? When did you give up liability for it? If you're at the AIA convention, come to my booth next to Google and ask me a question. Anything. I'll give you the truth. Just like BIM gives you a true building. Can you handle the truth?


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