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Monday, June 21, 2010

SW SW SW - The future of BIM (for only some of you)

I was at a very interesting meeting today with two near future BIM partners of mine.  We were discussing some emerging technologies and one of them said 'SW SW SW'.

I asked him what that meant.  He said, "Some will, some won't, so what?"

I wrote that down and immediately thought of that in regard to BIM.  We're at the point now where it's just about too late to get into the game.  Those of you reading this who are BIM fanatics, thank you.  Those of you who found your way here by accident or are trying to put the pieces together to convince your boss that you should go the BIM route, good luck trying to adopt BIM while all of your competitors have taken away any chance of you winning future work against them.

As for the so what part...who cares anymore.  BIM has clearly won as a better process of virtually constructing buildings, running all sorts of analysis and what if scenarios on them and providing large amounts of information for use downstream to the contractors, owners and operators of buildings. 

So what if you think BIM is just a fad.  So what if you just don't get it and try to convince anyone that you can do it faster with CAD than with BIM.  Does the ignorance of BIM outweight the arrogance of CAD.  What if they called it computer information drafting or building automated modeling?  So what?  Is it about a name or the process?  Does it matter what you call it as long as you're providing a better deliverable to the client? 

What a strange place we're at.  I wonder what would have happened if there wasn't such a long recession.  Would that have decreased or increased the adoption rate of BIM?  So what?  It just doesn't matter anymore.  It's time to just focus on the "Some Will" folks because they're the only ones who matter anymore.  So what if you disagree....


Christopher Hubbard June 22, 2010 at 1:30 PM  


Curious why you say that we are nearing a point where it'ts too late. It's never too late and there are many people out there who feel they are behind and instead of moving toward BIM they give up. For someone who makes their living off this it seems pretty pessimestic and off putting.

In truth its nowhere too late. Most firms are just at the beginnig of the journey to BIM. Even the so called leaders are only ankle deep so far.

Secondly why use inflamatory words like CAD arrogance? There is and always be a place for CAD in the design process and marginalizing those users still on CAD by choice or not will further divide the process and make the adoption harder and more fragmented. That will damage the adoption. Just leave it alone and let people migrate as they would. Most firms know they need to be there, but the transition is difficult and they need your support rather than your scorn.

My 2c

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