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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ugh..The Frustration and the Future #AIA2010

I had a lot of great conversations yesterday on day one of the AIA2010 National Convention.
Of course, they were with Steve Jones of McGraw-Hill, Deke Smith, Executive Director of building SMART alliance, Phil Read of HNTB, a bunch of lighting manufacturers who actually have BIM content (details coming) and a few architects who are actually using Revit 100%.

On the other side of the rectum..oops I mean spectrum, were all of the people who came up to our booth to discuss BIM implementation and training.  I'll specifically bring up an architect named Mitch who builds homes in Jupiter Florida.  Mitch has been using AutoCAD LT 2002 and for the fifth time, told me that $4000 is too expensive for a crossgrade to Revit.  It was just then that a principal for Leo A Daly walked by.  I stopped him, told him about the conversation to which he just replied "You can't afford not to."  

When you consider the price the owner pays for uncoordinated plans, the work delays, the prices of change orders and so many other issues, the core of the construction industry problems is a result of people like Mitch who just don't get BIM or why it's not about the money.  

I'm sure today will be even more interesting.  

"If you want to survive, you'r going to change; If you don't, you're going to perish.  It's as simple as that."  ~Thom Mayne, FAIA, during the Building Information Modeling Panel Discussion at the 2005 AIA National Convention.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Extra little note.  Having my booth next to Google infuriates me.  Seeing all  the people wanting to get their FauxBIM for free with Google Sketchup and not realizing that the workflow of creating a model in Sketchup then having to redo all of their work in CAD is completely insane and misses the point of 3D modeling.  Yes, Sketchup is great.  I love it.  It does some really cool things....but do you really think that's going to help get the building built?

I guess we have to dissect the different phases of a project.  First is winning the contract.  I guess Sketchup is great to convey the design to the client.  It's critical to actually get the work as part of the design process.  But, it goes downhill from their.  It's a CAD vs BIM world and all of those change orders certainly don't help you get word of mouth repeat business.

Last note.  Randy, I did actually go up to the folks that work at the Google booth and ask them random questions.  I'd go up to them and say "What is the capital of Uruguay?"  Their answer...."Why don't you Google it."  Isn't that what I just did?  After they realized what I had done to them, they all did laugh.  I must thank my brilliant wife for coming up with that idea.  Fun for the whole family.


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