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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Using Beam Start/End Attachments to Drive Framing by Shape Edited Slabs and Roofs - The Revit Clinic

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/06/using-beam-startend-attachments-to-drive-framing-by-shape-edited-slabs-and-roofs.html

In Revit 2011 view filters now work across linked Revit files. This allows additional flexibility when creating view filters for the project.

Along with this, Revit can now read the worksets through a linked file. This is great to control visibility of a workset in a link, or to use in conjunction with a view filter.

One item to keep in mind is when you create a view filter, which is filtering by workset, the workset in the linked file will be read. So if you have your Revit link placed on a specific workset in the host project, Revit actually looks inside the linked project for each individual elements workset.

Example scenario is as follows…

1. You have 3 linked models; LinkA, LinkB & LinkC.

2. Each link is on a unique workset in the host project; LinkA, LinkB & LinkC.


3. You wish to create a view filter to override the color of the display for the entire link.

4. Because Revit is looking into the linked file, it will not see the workset assignment of the overall link for filtering purposes. Instead elements on a given workset, in the linked model, will be filtered according to the view filter in the host project.

If you would rather override the color of the entire link instance, you can navigate to Properties > Visibility/Graphic Overrides > Revit Links > Display Settings > Custom > Model Categories.


You can select all of the model categories at once with the SHIFT key, and apply a surface pattern / color as needed.

This will override the link display similar to the example image below:

Hope this helps!

Using Beam Start/End Attachments to Drive Framing by Shape Edited Slabs and Roofs - The Revit Clinic


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