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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Using Beam Start/End Attachments to Drive Framing by Shape Edited Slabs and Roofs - The Revit Clinic

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/06/using-beam-startend-attachments-to-drive-framing-by-shape-edited-slabs-and-roofs.html

Revit Structure 2011 introduced new parameters for beams: Start Attachment Type and End Attachment Type. You can use these parameters to help control how your framing reacts when slabs or roofs are shape edited.

When a beam is connected to a column, you will see the new parameters appear in the Structural section of their Element Properties:

Beam attachment01

By default these parameters will be set to End Elevation, but you can also set them to Distance.

Beam attachment02

End Elevation will maintain the placement level of the beam, and Distance will orient the join location based on the column. If you set the parameter to Distance and the height of your column changes, the beam will adjust accordingly.

So let's take a look at how this applies to slabs and roofs...

We'll start with just some basic beams and columns placed. When the beams are connected to the columns, they show the Start and End Attachment Type parameters, which I've set to Distance.

Beam attachment03

Just to illustrate the basic functionality, I've added an additional 5' of height to one column, and you can see that with the attachment parameters set to Distance, the associated beams update automatically to the new column height.

Beam attachment04

I reset the column heights, added a floor, and then selected the columns and attached them all to the floor element. I then used the shape editing tools to add an additional 5' of height to the corner of the slab. The column and the beams update automatically to adjust to the new shape.

Beam attachment05

I adjusted the slab back to 0', and added a beam system. Using the shape editing tools again, I added that 5' of height back to the corner of the slab. You'll see that now the columns, beams, and beam system all adjust automatically to the adjustments made to the slab.

Beam attachment06

When the columns are attached to the slab and the slab is shape edited, they will adjust automatically. When the beams have their attachment set to Distance, they will follow the columns, and then the beam system will follow the beams. So the floor drives the columns, the columns drive the beams, and the beams drive the beam system. The result is that by simply shape editing the slab, the framing all adjusts automatically.
Using Beam Start/End Attachments to Drive Framing by Shape Edited Slabs and Roofs - The Revit Clinic


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