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Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 Revit Troubleshooting Scenarios - The Revit Clinic

I wanted to include 3 recent questions and the answers in case anyone comes across similar scenarios…
1.  Question:  Viewport on sheet not selectable…
Answer:  In the sheet view, toggle Reveal Hidden Elements.  See if the viewport title appears as hidden.  If the viewport was selected > Hide in View > Elements, this can occur.  If so you can select the viewport > Unhide in View > Elements:
2.  Question:  CAD link not cut by section…
Answer:  Place the link into an in-place component instead so the component category can be utilized for link cuttability by Revit.  For a list of cuttable families, I have included the Help documentation below:
In the quick video example below [no sound] Generic Model is specified:
3.  Question:  Wall infill location line alignment…
Answer:  You demolish a component such as a window, and then need to change the wall infill type.  Say the wall is thinner or thicker than the host wall.  You wish a specific infill side to align with the face of the host wall.  
You can first select the wall infill > Properties > Location Line > set location line to the desired side, and then change infill type.  It will align with the new location line.  
Keep in mind the finish face side will vary based on the direction the wall was originally drawn [for example right to left versus left to right].  Quick video below [no sound]:


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