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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BIM on the world stage at World Cup 2010 - Business News - Construction Digital

In my efforts to become more BIM agnostic, BIM is so much bigger than just one software program. Here's another example of BIM greatness.  Myabe there should be a BIM World Cup for the best BIM built building each year...

Source: http://www.constructiondigital.com/sectors/construction-products/bim-world-stage-world-cup-2010

South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium and Mbombela Stadium were both built using advanced modeling techniques

BIM used to design two new World Cup stadiums
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
To some in the construction industry, the jury remains out on the value of BIM (building information modeling). Though it makes sense in theory, they remain unswayed that the cutting edge design tool has many practical applications or that it represents the wave of the future.
The doubters should pay close watch and cast a trained eye for the next month as coverage of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa dominates the airwaves. Two of the five new venues built for the quadrennial event were modeled using BIM techniques and software.
To design the unique roof structure of Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, steel detailers CadMax of Boisbriand, Que., used Tekla Structures software of Espoo, Finland, to model the project. Made of Teflon-coated fiberglass, the roof is held up with 36 steel girders and a total weight of 2,500 tons of futuristic curved beams.

"One of the most interesting parts of the project was the compression ring. To make the 3D model, we had to duplicate the model and simulate the deflection so the compression ring could be fitted properly after the girders erection," says Daniel Barbeau at CadMax, who was responsible for information modeling.
Additionally, Tekla software was used on the renovation of Royal Bafokeng stadium and the creation of the Mbombela Stadium in the city of Nelspruit in Mpumalanga Province. —in both cases to model the steel structure of other stadiums for the FIFA World Cup.

"The Cup stadiums are large and structurally challenging buildings in which attention has been paid to appearance. Building them without the help of 3D BIM software would have been very difficult," says Risto Räty, Executive Vice Presidentof Tekla Corporation.

Edited by Barb Taormina
Sources: Constructech, Tekla

Original Post:  BIM on the world stage at World Cup 2010 - Business News - Construction Digital


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