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Sunday, July 4, 2010

BIM Prefab Installation from Q5 [BIM for Contractors]

Take a look at the future. It's in a BIM world and it's called prefabrication. It's a little something that helps the contractors build the building faster for the owner. It ends up saving the contractors and subs a lot of time and aggravation. There aren't any error and omission RFIs and the entire job goes smoothly. The owner is happy, gets a well built building and it's not 20% over in change orders. Welcome to a CAD free world. It's BIM baby and I just love watching what Q5 is doing to stay so far ahead of the pack. There's nothing like a little technology to make your job easier. This is just another layer of BIM.

Source: http://www.q5thecompany.com/2010/05/prefab-installation/
Earlier this week, prefabricated exterior panels were installed at the Ross Park Crate & Barrel, located in Pittsburgh PA.

Q5 lead the coordination effort using design intent models as well as the fabrication models from the wall panelizer and the steel fabricator. The result? It simply fits.

Source: Prefab Installation


Anonymous,  July 5, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

Yeah except prefab has been around for a much longer time then BIM. Also, I think that 3D rendering looks like Rhino and not BIM.

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