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Saturday, July 3, 2010

CAD, BIM and purple pants [Rant]

Today, I had yet another architect tell me he wasn't moving to Revit because his engineers aren't using it.  

So, let's dissect this in another way.  You have a business.  You hire outside consultants. They provide you goods or services.  When they deliver those goods or services, you pay them money.  The only way they get that money is to do what you tell them.  You give them a PO, work order, some sort of paper or verbal request.  That's how they make their money.  They are dependent on you for their living.  So, they will do anything they can to get your business and keep it.  It's called leverage.  You have it.  They don't.

So, why do you say that you're not getting Revit because your engineers don't use it? WTF?   Your engineers will do whatever you tell them.  Why aren't you telling them to use it?  On what planet is your business dictated to by the people who you hire?  That's not how it works.  It's your money.  

Let's look at BIM for Contractors.  It's sweeping the world like wildfire.  The contractor tells his subs that they're requiring BIM on a project, and the subs do whatever it takes to get the job.  They run out, buy Revit or another 3D modeling program, get training on it and they continue to thrive.

If the contractor put in their subcontractor agreement that the sub had to wear purple pants every day on the jobsite, I'll guarantee you that you'd see an entire buliding covered with a sea of purple.  It's just how it works.  It's the golden rule.  Those with the gold make the rules.

What is it exactly that prevents an architect from telling his consultants to switch to Revit.  For that matter, even if you're using AutoCAD, why wouldn't you tell your consultants to use the latest release?  Why do you hire firms that use AutoCAD 14?  Don't you know that when you save backwards, you lose information?   Did anyone explain to you how this costs you money, lost productivity and file sharing problems?  

Did you ever imagine that it's just that simple to tell your consultants what software and version you'll be requiring from them?  While you're at it, tell them to start wearing purple pants. 

Oh, by the way, as we get deeper and deeper into BIM, there are going to be a lot of other pieces of software, collaboration and file sharing that you're going to have to tell your consultants to adhere to as well.  Why not go and try it right now?  Go call an engineer and tell them to move to Revit.  While you're at it, go call a Civil Engineer and tell them to move to Civil 3D as you won't accept AutoCAD files from them anymore.  

The amazing thing is....they'd do it if you only told them to.  I know....that's just crazy.


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