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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Constraints and Design Option Warnings - The Revit Clinic

In a project regardless of Design Options, you can add a dimension line, add a padlock alignment constraint, and delete the dimension line.  You should be prompted for the option to leave or remove the constraint:


If you leave the constraint, the element id still resides in the project for the constraint; you can still select by id when needed:


Let's move onto Design Options, and 2 potential scenarios you may encounter:

1.  You move a wall, and get a Constraints are not satisfied error.


It may not be immediately obvious if an element was pinned inside a design option.

If Exclude Options is checked, you cannot select the element to see the pin icon.

For example if a wall was pinned, then constrained to another wall outside the Design Option, when you go to move the wall you may receive the warning above.

Un-check Exclude Options, select the element inside the other Design Option to see if it is pinned, and un-pin if needed.

2.  In attempting to move a wall you receive an Element must be in Main Modelerror [Main Model could be substituted with another Design Option name].


This is similar to above, but typically several constraints exist between elements in Design Options instead of 1 constraint.  Because of this when you attempt to move an element in the Main Model Design Option, for example, the error can be confusing because the element you are attempting to move is in this Design Option.

However the constrained element, which may or may not be visible, is probably not.  Expand the error, make note of the constraint element id's, and Manage > Select by ID > and delete as necessary.  You should be able to move the element afterward as needed.


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