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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cut Behavior of Low Walls - Revit Clinic

Source:   http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/07/cut-behavior-of-low-walls.html

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There is a feature called "low walls" in Revit.  "Low walls" are walls that have a unconnected height of less than 6 feet. 
Low walls are important to know about because they display differently than other walls in a floor plan view.  "Low walls" will display as projected lines even if they are tall enough to be cut by the Cut plane for the view.    
The wall on the left is a "Low wall" with a unconnected height of 5', the wall on the right has a unconnected height of 6'. 
It seems like "Low Wall" behavior has been around in Revit forever.  The  question is though, what can you do make a low wall show up as a cut wall in a view?
There are two options. 
Option 1:
Change the offsets in the View Range for the View Depth and the Primary Range's Bottom to negative one foot (-1'-0").  By moving the Bottom and View Depth down one foot for each foot that the the wall is offset from the 4' cut plane in the view and adding one foot to start you can get Revit to ignore the "low wall" behavior". 
For example, if you have a wall that it 4' high and want to show it being cut, change the cut plane to 3'-0" (to make sure you cut the wall) and then set the View Depth and Bottom to –2'-0".  Basically, make sure that the if you add the cut plane and the bottom offset (with no negative sign) that it equals 5' (3' + 2').
Option 2: 
I think option two is easier and more flexible.  For this option, instead of modifying the view range, you change the wall.  Instead of using the unconnected height option to define the height of the wall, set the wall so that it is constrained to the level above (using Top Constraint) and then set the Top Offset Parameter to a negative value so that the value that displays for Unconnected Height (it will be grayed out, but will update) with the height of the wall.  Making this change will overwrite the "low wall" behavior, but still give you the same height wall. 
I'd be curious to hear about any "Low walls" that you've needed to show as a cut wall so please comment away.


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