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Thursday, July 8, 2010

DPR Model Slicer – A Free Revit Plug-In powered by DPR Construction - A slice of BIM Heaven

It's so nice that contractors are taking the initiative to improve the BIM process.  Kudos to DPR for not only creating this, but for sharing it with the world.  These are just the type of firms that owners are looking to work with.  Those willing to be proactive and share in the BIM process.  Welcome to the world of Design/BIM/Build.

What is DPR Model Slicer?

DPR Model Slicer is a free Revit plug-in which facilitates the creation of 3D Building sections from a Revit model. Inherently within Revit, the only way to separate a model by floor is to filter it by reference levels. Unfortunately, this often results in a product (shown below), where items modeled as multi-floor elements, such as walls or columns, become associated with only one floor despite occupying space on many floors.
During the construction coordination process, this can be a limitation, so it is often desired to have the building model separated into individual floors. DPR Model Slicer makes this process faster. The end result is a model which is sectioned by floors.
Update: Revit 2011 is now supported

The Before and After images illustrate the power of the DPR Model Slicer on a typical Revit project. Use the link below to download your free version today.

How it Works:
DPR Model Slicer was designed, not only to make the creation of these sections easier, but also to allow you to quickly repeat the process on other projects or versions of the model.
There are two main parts of any 3D building section in DPR Model Slicer:
  1. 3D Section Box: Defines the top and bottom bounds of the section. Typically corresponds to a building level.
  2. Visibility Settings: Defines the visibility settings for the section (what objects are shown in that view)
By combining any combination of these two settings, all of the requested 3D sections can be created.
Helpful Tips & How To's
Below is a list of helpul tips related to common tasks while using DPR Model Slicer.
If you would like to download the entire DPR Model Slicer summary and tips use this link: Download Now
Register the license after 30 days: http://modelslicer.dpr.com/

Revit model filtered to show just 1st floor elements


Revit model after sectioning to 1st floor bounds using DPR Model Slicer



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