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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learn About Converting Photographs into CAD models via this YouTube video - It is Alive in the Lab

CAD models?  Are we moving forward or backward here?  Why isn't Autodesk investing ALL of it's resources on Building Information Models?  Does IBM still work on advancing their typewriter technology?  Would you be confused and hesitant to buy any of their products if IBM marketed their typewriters and computers to you in almost the same breath?  Would you wonder why there was such a duality of marketing and sales?  Would you care if your typewriter had any new features?  Oh well.    


The Photo Scene Editor for Project Photofly is our newest technology preview onAutodesk Labs. Capturing the reality as-built for various purposes (renovation, energy analysis, add-on design, etc.) is possible using your standard digital camera and technology made available through a web service. The Project Photofly service automatically converts your photos to a 3D computer model.

For those without YouTube acces, you can download the video:photo_scene_editor_music_lowered_volume.mp4. The Photo Scene Editor lets you upload your photographs and work with the model that the server creates for you. For more information about Project Photofly:

Free download of the Photo Scene Editor for Project Photofly via Autodesk Labs

Automatically converting pictures into CAD models is alive in the lab.


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