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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Revit License Issue 2011 - Squarspace.com [Technical]

I don't think this would affect that many people, but I thought it was important enough to repost for you.

If you are receiving this error then I have a possible "hack" solution for you.

Our license setup is 3 redundant servers and we used a deployment to install Revit 2011.  Everything is where  it should be, pointed correctly and operating normally.  The problem is that when we launch Revit, unknown to the user, the program goes into a grace period where it is suppose to check for a license every second or so and restore the license when found.  This grace period lasts 2 hours and you only know about it 15 minutes before the end when you receive a warning.  If you wait until the time runs out then you are forced to save a recovery file.  This is really tough on users with deadlines and it was a good thing we only tested 2011 on 3 users.
The oddity on this issue is that it actually obtains a license when you look at the journal file but it never cancels the grace period.  This also was verified through the server where we could see a license was obtained by the user.
'C 14-Jun-2010 13:36:42.868;   0:< manage licensing
  ' 0:< License check failed; grace period started at 13:36:43
  ' 0:< License mode: Network
  ' 0:< Server: Server1
  ' 0:< Status: Network licensing connection is established.
  ' 0:< Type: Network
  ' 0:< Usage: Commercial
  ' 0:< Behavior: Permanent
  ' 0:< Expiration: None
The "hack" fix is actually relatively easy but took a long time to find.  In your Revit program folder there is a file Licpath.lic.  This file can be edited through notepad and looks like something like this:
## Autodesk Revit
## License Information
# SN 000-00000000
# NSN 123-12345678
SERVER SERVER1 000000000000 27005
SERVER SERVER2 000000000000 27005
SERVER SERVER3 000000000000 27005
I changed the serial numbers and our server names to Server1,2,3 for example purposes.
The information in this was correct "technically" but one and sometimes all of the server names were in lowercase.  When changed to uppercase then Revit would acquire a license correctly without the grace period issue.  There was one limitation in that it would only last for one session.  Then something, still don't know what, would change the file back to lowercase without changing the write time of the Licpath.lic file.  To work around this, we changed the server names to all caps and then marked the file read only.  So far almost a week without any further issues.
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