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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Worksharing Monitor does not show any worksharing enabled projects open - The Revit Clinic

Often if Revit doesn't close properly it can leave an abnormal record in the Worksharing Log file which the Monitor utilizes.  This can cause an issue with the project being displayed improperly on the list, or other potential issues such as incorrect usernames listed in the file.


You can typically resolve this issue through the following steps:

1.  Close Revit [any users in the project should close while the steps below are followed].

2.  There is a Worksharing Log file [with a .slog extension] in the central filebackup folder, located in the same folder as the central file.

3.  Open the backup folder, and also take note to see if there are any .bak files in there with the .slog.

4.  While Revit is closed, temporarily move the .slog & .bak files to the Windows Desktop.  This will force Revit to create a clean Worksharing Log when the central file is accessed again.

5.  Launch Revit, and then launch the Worksharing Monitor.

If you go through the process above, and the issue persists, there could be a potential file lock linger on the Revit project.  I would recommend following the steps in our previous posts here.

I hope this helps!


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