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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Construction Management Apps for the iPhone and iPad

By: Houston Neal Director of Marketing, Software Advice
on 8/25/2010
From time to time we like to write about the “lighter side” of construction technology. This time, it’s apps. Specifically, construction apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
It’s no secret that we love Apple – run a search for “apple” site:softwareadvice.com in Google and you’ll see what I mean – but when it comes to tracking down an App for your iPhone or iPad, the App Store isn’t the friendliest place to search. Enter “construction” into the search bar in iTunes and you get a list of 234 apps (and counting). This includes apps categorized as “games,” “lifestyle” and “entertainment.” Or try typing “architecture.” You’ll get a list of 255 apps that include “photography,” “travel” and “navigation.” Sure we understand playing SimCity Deluxe might alleviate stress on the job site, but it’s not going to help you create a punch list item.
So we decided to build a list of the best architecture, engineering and construction project management software apps for contractors, project managers and architects. Our methodology was simple: filter out the irrelevant apps (e.g. “iShovel” and “Men at Work – Ultimate Sound Box”), sort by trade and functionality, then prioritize by rating and popularity. For anyone interested in seeing a complete list of construction apps (minus the junk), visit this Google Doc. We tagged each app with one or two category names, then added columns for price, rating, device compatibility and minimum iPhone OS requirements. If there is an app that you think belongs in this list, please leave us a comment below.

Read more: http://www.softwareadvice.com/articles/construction/the-best-construction-management-apps-for-the-iphone-and-ipad-1082510/#ixzz0xlovUTlJ


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