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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Design Options: An Introduction

Ian over at Revit Zone, let me know about a couple of new posts. Here's the start of the first. Click continue at the bottom to read the entire post at his website.


Welcome to the Revit Zone article on Design Options. In this article we are going to take you through what Design Options are, when you would use them and also a quick-step-by-step example of their use. After reading and digesting this article, you should be comfortable with setting up “Option Sets” and also in creating individual “Options” within those sets.

What are Design Options

Quite simply, the Design Options facility in Revit allows you to explore different options for various parts of your project. The important words to pick up in that statement are “various” and “parts”. Let me now explain the importance of these two concepts in relation to Design Options.

Various: You can consider different options for different elements of your design, all at the same time. For example- you may want to consider four variations of entrance lobby; AND you may also wish to consider three variations of kitchen layout in the same scheme. This is what “Option Sets” are for- and we’ll discuss these in detail later.

Parts: It is crucial that you appreciate that Design Options are best used when you wish to study varying options for small, distinct elements of your scheme. The majority of your project should be determined- leaving you to explore isolated (and distinct) areas.

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