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Monday, August 16, 2010

A nice local Revit success story from Jupiter Florida

I just got an email from one of my clients.  They've been pretty heavy into AutoCAD MEP and it wasn't easy to get them to consider working with Revit MEP because of the deficiencies in prior releases and the lack of architects using Revit in their neighborhood.  I was very happy to see that they're actually using it now and like it better than the old school/CAD way.  

Here's the letter I got from Jack and down below is a snippet from their website that actually mentions the word Revit.   You know I love to see that

From: Jack Trexler Designer at RGD & Associates
To: Gregory Arkin 
Date: August 16, 2010
I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my second Revit MEP project and it looks like I have 3 more coming in next month. I am finding it a lot easier to work with a project in Revit than AutoCAD MEP, not to say I haven’t had growing pains but the coordination with basic things like ceiling heights and beam locations are all worth it. I hope you can get more of the architects in our area to make the switch and if you have any clients looking for a cutting edge MEP firm that has embraced Revit please feel free to give them our contact info.

Keep up the good work.


In case any of you are looking for a great Revit MEP firm in West Palm/Jupiter Florida, give Jack a call.
West Palm Beach Office:
1003 Jupiter Park Lane Suite #2
Jupiter, FL 33458
Office (561)743-0165 
They even have a blog.  Imagine that...http://www.rgdengineers.blogspot.com/ It's graphic contains a Revit model in it.
 RGD and Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers use Autodesk Building Systems and “Revit” Building Systems software for their clients’ realization of engineering systems. Mechanical and plumbing systems are built on the computer in full scale 3-D. RGD was an early adapter of this technology and has been using it since its arrival into the mechanical design arena. All personnel are fully trained in its use with expert skill levels. The beauty of the system is that the building can be fully modeled in 3-D prior to construction. Clearances and interferences can be checked and corrected while the building is on the drawing board so to speak. This greatly reduces the need for panic adjustments in the field and the resulting change notices. RGD works seamlessly with architects and clients using these advanced 3-D software systems.  


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