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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project North versus True North

Here's Ian's second post.


Welcome to this Revit Zone article on “Project North versus True North”. The facility to flip between “Project North” and “True North” exists within Revit to allow you to both draw (and detail) your building orthogonally and yet still display a site layout correctly (ie with North pointing vertically upwards on the page.

This is one of those strange topics that’s much better demonstrated by a quick example that reams of descriptive text. OK, so here goes……

Please note: For the purposes of this demonstration we are going to use an AutoCAD plan that has been imported into Revit. This is quite a good way to demonstrate the concept re ally, because (if you are like us) there are quite a few times when you will indeed bring a site plan (in AutoCAD format) into Revit and then re-orientate it to suit.

Here is the basic site plan brought into Revit using the “Import CAD” function….

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