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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some new and special Autodesk promotions starting 8/16/10

I'd like to let you all know about some Autodesk promotions that just came out yesterday.  Hopefully, some of you took advantage of the Get Current Promotion that ended Sunday.  It's more important now than ever to stay current on subscription.  If you didn't know, Autodesk changed the upgrade/crossgrade policy this past March.  If you're not on subscription and have a 2008-2010 product, you can upgrade or crossgrade for 50% of the retail price of the software you want.  If you have AutoCAD 2008 and want the Revit Architecture Suite, it's $2995 (50% of $5995).  AutoCAD is $1995 and AutoCAD Architecture is $2495.  For just a little more money, you can have Revit Architecture, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD in the Revit Architecture Suite.  Of course, if you're current on subscription and wanted to move from AutoCAD to Revit, it's a lot less money, so even if you don't like it, subscription is the cheapest option and the upgrade every 3 year mentality just ends up costing you more money.

Navisworks Manage Upgrade Promo 8/16/10 - 1/15/11
This promo is great for companies that have some extra Autodesk licenses lying around.
You can crossgrade from AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture Suite, Revit Architecture Visualization Suite, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit Structure Suite, AutoCAD MEP, Revit MEP Suite, Civil 3D or Map 3D (all 2011 versions).  It's $4995 to do the crossgrade so it's half off of the Navisworks Manage $9995 retail price.

Another interesting promotion is the Civil 3D w/3ds Max Design 6 month Term Promo 8/16/10 - 1/14/11.   Essentially, you get a free 6 month license of 3ds Max Design to see how it can help visualizations for Civil 3D.  Pricing varies on this one based on what product you're coming from. they include AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Civil 2010, Land Desktop 2009 and Map 3D 2011.

Then there's the Autodesk Assistance Program Employer Discount 4/19/10 - 1/16/11
Applicants must meet the following requirements for eligibility:
  •  Be over age 13
  •  Be currently unemployed, or a Military Veteran transitioning to a civilian career within 2 years of leaving active service
  •  Have worked in the architecture, engineering, design or manufacturing community  complete online application required elements, including personal contact information, and industry
  •  Specify their date of departure from their former employer, employer name, and HR contact information (except Military Veterans)
  •  Self-certify that they meet eligibility requirements 
 If you hire someone who meets those requirements, you can purchase new licenses at a 50% discount. Of course AutoCAD is excluded, but Revit products are available.

Lastly, one you'll all love is the AEC Training and Implementation Voucher Promotion.  The promotion runs from 8/16/10 through 10/31/10. 

For 1-5 new licenses* or upgrades purchased, the customer training/implementation voucher is US$200 per seat of qualifying software purchased. For 6+ new licenses or upgrades purchased, the customer training/implementation voucher is US$300 per seat of qualifying software purchased.  Customers who purchase one of the “premium” Manufacturing products listed above are eligible for US$2,500 per seat of qualifying software purchased.  Customers are limited to one voucher per seat of qualifying software purchased with a maximum redeemable about of US$10,000.  Customers may use the voucher(s) toward training or implementation services to offset their cost. 

To be eligible for the voucher, customers must attend a classroom training class, on-site training
class, or complete implementation services for one of the above named AEC or Manufacturing
products.   The training or implementation services must be completed by December 31, 2010. 

From August 16, 2010, through October 17, 2010, customers who purchase qualifying new commercial licenses of AutoCAD ® 2011 software may be eligible for one of two rebate options:
  • Save $300 by Mail-in Rebate on new commercial licenses of AutoCAD 2011 software;
  • Save $400 by Mail-in Rebate on new commercial licenses of AutoCAD 2011 when purchased with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, or Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate


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