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Monday, September 13, 2010

Autodesk Labs Revit Page - Some great new technology for you.

Autodesk Labs recently updated their website to make it easier for you to find the tools you're looking for.  http://labs.blogs.com/its_alive_in_the_lab/2010/09/by-product-tab-of-autodesk-labs-home-page-redesigned.html

I thought I'd give you the Revit page so you can make sure you're staying on top of tomorrow's technology today.  


3D/2D ShareNow

share your designs with others, in one click

Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D
create bridges from Civil 3D objects

Photo Scene Editor for Project Photofly
create models from photographs

Project Bluestreak
collaborate with project group members

Project Freewheel
view and review using the cloud

Project Newport
real-time 3D storybuilding for architects

Project Twitch Application Trials
trial applications over the internet

Solar Radiation Tech Preview for Revit
analyze designs for solar radiation

Also, here's the section based on industry for Architecture, Engineering and Construction. There are some repeats, but you get the idea...

Architecture, Engineering & Construction


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