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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autodesk #Revit Server Extension - Full details!

The Autodesk® Revit® Server Extension helps geographically dispersed teams more easily collaborate on projects of varying size and complexity. Web-based services help keep teams coordinated as they work on a single project from separate locations.
The Autodesk Revit Server Extension helps you to:
  • Work more effectively as a single project team over a distributed wide area network (WAN) with higher performance and efficiency
  • Maintain a seamlessly integrated collection of Revit central models on a single server that team members can access from local servers
  • Easily manage products on Revit central server using the web-based Revit Server Administrator tools
  • Benefit from built-in redundancy in case of WAN connectivity loss
The Autodesk Revit Server Extension is available in Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.
Note: Before installing this extension, ensure that you have installed Update 2 for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2011, Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2011, or Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2011 software.

Read This First

Readme - English (htm - 33Kb)


Application Installation
Multiple Languages* (msi - 639Kb)
Server Installation
Multiple Languages (exe - 544111Kb)
*This download will configure both the Autodesk Revit Server Extension and Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis. You only need to download this file once.
Note: Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis is compatible with Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit MEP software only.

This Subscription Advantage Pack consists of two separate components: an application update, Revit 2011 SAP, and a server component, called Revit Server 2011. An installation of Revit Server may function as a local server or a central server. However this document does not draw any distinction between the two, as the installation and removal requirements are essentially the same for both.
Revit Server 2011
Systems hosting Revit Server 2011 must have:
    • Microsoft Windows Server® 2008, 64 bit (not 2008 R2)
    • Microsoft IIS 7.0
    • Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1
Refer to the Revit Sever Installation Guide supplemental documentation for more detail on system prerequisites.
Revit Server Administrator requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer. The Silverlight plug-in will also be installed as a byproduct of using this application.

Before you install, verify that Windows Update is not in progress. If Windows Update has installed or updated files and the system is pending restart, restart your system before attempting installation.
Revit 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack
  1. Verify that you have applied Revit 2011 Update Release 2 onto your installed version of Revit 2011 product.
  2. Download and run the file to extract the files to a temporary directory.
  3. Once the files have been extracted the setup automatically begins. Follow the onscreen instructions.
Revit Server 2011
  1. Verify that you have enough disk space (approx. 250 MB) in a folder on your computer to extract the Revit Server 2011 installation files.
  2. Verify the following:

    • The Revit Server prerequisites have been installed. (Refer to the Revit Sever Installation Guide supplemental documentation for more detail.)
    • Internet Information Services (IIS) is properly installed and running.
    • Using the Microsoft Server Manager, make sure the following role services are installed for the Application Server role:

      • TCP Port Sharing
      • TCP Activation
    • Using the Microsoft Server manager, make sure the following role services are installed for the Web Server role:

      • ASP
      • CGI
      • Server Side Includes.
  3. Download the Revit Server install file and extract the files to a temporary directory.
  4. Once the files have been extracted, open the temporary directory, locate setup.exe, and run the setup program. Follow the onscreen instructions.
Revit Server
    Please note the following clarification to the documentation.
    • The Prerequisites section of the Revit Server Installation Guide states the following:

        5. Select Application Server from the Roles list, and then click Next twice to display the Select Role Services dialog for the Application Server role.
        6. Select the Web Server (IIS) check box. If you are prompted to install additional role services and features, click Add Required Features.
        In step 5: in addition to the "Application Server" role there is also a "Web Server (IIS)" role. Do NOT enable this role as it is not the item referenced in step 6.
        In step 6: the actual role service (NOT 'role') is named "Web Server (IIS) Support," not "Web Server (IIS)."
    Server failure and data corruption messages do not always indicate a severe failure.
    • Warnings about server availability or data corruption may only indicate an unexpected fault in communication with the server and not an actual problem with Revit Server or the model. If you encounter one of these errors, please contact Autodesk support to further diagnose the nature of the issue.
    Revit Server Administrator soft locks may persist if an attempt to lock times out due to model access.
    • In rare cases attempts to lock a model through Revit Server Administrator may time out before the lock can be acquired. If this occurs, a "soft lock" may be left on the model preventing subsequent locking attempts. However this condition will automatically clear after about two minutes.
    If a local server is redirected to point to a different server, all Revit sessions connected to that local server must be shut down and restarted. Failure to do so may result in erratic application behavior, although no permanent model damage should result.
    Attempts to manipulate linked models while shared coordinates are in use and Revit Server is unavailable may appear to place Revit into a loop with repeated server unavailability messages. However this condition can be cleared by hitting Escape several times in rapid succession.
    In rare cases copying one model over another through Revit Server Administrator may result in an invalid cache condition on some local servers that doesn't "self-heal." To avoid this condition, be sure to clear the caches of all local servers after replacing one model with another.
    Hint: Bypassing the Revit Server Models folder in file navigation.
    • To reduce the number of clicks required to access server based models in file navigation, we recommend creating shortcuts for any frequently used models on the Revit Server. It is even possible to create a shortcut to the "Revit Server Models" top-level folder to avoid having to click through the "Revit Server" icon first. To add a folder to your "My Places," navigate to that folder in file navigation, then select "Add to Current Folder to Places" in the "Tools" flyout at the lower left. Finally, cancel out of the dialog - you will be asked whether you wish to save changes to the Places list; answer 'Yes'.
    Very long file paths
    • The operating system places a ~260 character limit on the length of a path of any file. In some cases very long model names or Revit usernames can result in server storage paths that exceed this limit, impairing server functionality and resulting in data corruption errors for that model.
    Incompatibility with leading whitespace in the Revit username.
    • If a particular user is unable to save a new model to the server, but is otherwise able to complete server-based operations, check to make sure there is no leading whitespace in the Revit username.

Autodesk Revit Server Extension


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